The Neemach Mata temple in Udaiur, Rajasthan is revered by countless devotees seeking solace and blessings at the temple dedicated to the resident deity of Udaipur. Perched at a lofty altitude, atop the Aravalli Hills, the temple and the ropeway ride offers sweeping panoramic vistas of the cityscape & the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake below, adding to its spiritual allure.

The iconic Neemach Mata Ropeway is a mono cable fixed grip pulsated system spanning an impressive 429 meters horizontally, and a substantial 149.392-meter incline. The Ropeway ride ensures a swift and enjoyable journey that saves devotees and tourists from an arduous climb of almost 1000 steps to the top. Each cabin accommodates up to 6 adult passengers and operates at a speed of 3.5 meters per second, welcoming pilgrims and tourists alike to a suspended adventure above the lush surroundings.
The inauguration of the ropeway project, done on the same day as the Ayodhya Ram Temple i.e. January 22nd 2024, with the esteemed Governor of Assam, Shree Gulab Chand Kataria, presiding over the ceremony alongside other notable personalities.

* The ropeway operating hours are from 7.00 AM to 8 PM.
* The ticket prices are: ₹. 185 for a two way ride / ₹. 100 for temple to lower station only.
* Children below 100 cms and Specially abled (over 60% disability) are allowed without any charges.

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