Namachi Ropeway



Namchi is the capital of the district of South Sikkim. The appellation Namchi means Sky (Nam) High (Chi) in Sikkimese. It is one of the popular places of pilgrimage in South Sikkim and among the must visit Namchi Tourist Places. The Namchi Monastery, Ralang Monastery and Tendong Hill are local Buddhist pilgrimage centres.

The name Samdruptse Hill literally translates to the ‘Wish Fulfilling Hill’, as the hill is revered by many local monks, who worship the Hill, believing that the Hill is a dormant volcano, and only praying can keep the volcano dormant. There is a monastery under the statue with a beautiful interior and a very tranquil atmosphere. A grand copper prayer wheel adorns the entrance of the monastery. Inside there is a huge prayer hall where monks chant hymns during prayer time. It also has various paintings, historic sculptures, artifacts, and statues.

This place is considered to be an important tourist attraction; this ropeway was built on a difficult terrain towards the dual aim of providing eco-friendly and energy efficient system of transportation, and the development of tourism. It has proved to be a very popular part of the itinerary of visitors to Sikkim.

Ropeways Tickets, Timings and Price:

One has to spend Rs.150 per person for a two- way journey from Samdruptse to Rock Garden.

For children, the cost will be of Rs.75 for a two- way journey trip from Samdruptse to Rock Garden.

From PWD Bungalow to Rock Garden, Rs. 300 per person for Two way and Rs. 150 for children

From PWD Bungalow to Samdruptse, Rs. 400 per person for Two way and Rs. 200 for children

The ropeway will take approx 6 persons in one ride.

This service available 7 Days in a Week And Timings 10.30 AM TO 4.30PM.