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About Us

Helping build India since 1974.

DRIL has been a pioneer in the construction business since 1974. We specialize in building Passenger Ropeways, Material Ropeways, and Ski-Lifts, chair lift as well as bulk material handling plants and real estate projects. We also undertake work for the revamping and capacity upgradation of existing ropeways, together with operation and maintenance of running ropeways and material handling plants. We are also engaged in the turnkey construction of Steel and PRC bridges along with Rope Suspension Bridges.

We have successfully installed, operated and maintained a plethora of different types of material and passenger cable cars such as Monocable, Bicable, Jig back and Aerial Tramways, independently as well as in association with well known European Companies.

Creating Accessibility

DRIL through its ropeways division has been creating accessibility to tourist spot as well as religious sites in high altitudes. These installations are useful for all but indispensable to the old, disabled, children, pregnant women and others with challenges to movement. Bridges built by DRIL have connected inaccessible and far-flung areas. We have built bridges for the Railways, pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Quality is our trademark

DRIL is committed to quality. Our mantra is reliability, maintainability, and sustainability.

We believe in consistent and strict commitment to standards in order to satisfy specific customer and user requirements. All parts are subjected to rigorous functional, safety and longevity tests. We have a policy of refusing to compromise, therefore all parts are manufactured in accordance with the strict specifications of our Design and Development department.


DRIL’s mission is to create safe, efficient, environment-friendly transport solutions for making each journey a memorable and enjoyable experience.


DRIL is a maverick in the Indian Ropeway industry and an ISO accredited company where passenger safety is considered the utmost priority. DRIL has pioneered safety systems in India. We had introduced a process of rope x-rays way back in 1995, which is now mandatory in many states. We also perform NDT tests annually on all critical parts. This is to identify any hairline cracks which are invisible to the human eye.

We only use reputed suppliers (both Indian and foreign). We conduct Chemical composition tests from accredited labs on all critical parts. Additionally, we use state of the art technology in our plants and equipment conforming to specifications stipulated in not only in the B.I.S but also following European norms related to the safety of the passengers. Therefore, we have an unique record of safety in our installations since our inception and DRIL combines professional precision in performance and it’s own of innovative ideas to suit customer requirements and to meet their every expectation. We take pride in the provision of the highest quality of safe and reliable systems to our customers.

Customer satisfaction, our vision

We hold an excellent record of customer satisfaction in all of our installed systems. All DRIL personnel are trained to serve with a smile. We take special care of passengers with special needs, such as the differently abled, the aged and pregnant women. We offer amenities such as drinking water, cafeterias, toilets, wheelchairs, elevators etc. in most of our installations. Cleanliness standards are also maintained regularly. DRIL provides quality services at reasonable prices, thus offering value for money to our customers.

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