Manuguru Plant is the most prestigious and state of art external Coal handling Plant which serves as a lifeline of the Heavy Water Plant, Manuguru under the Department of Atomic Energy Govt. of India. 

From the successful Construction, we are operating the plant for over 30 yrs with 100% of coal requirements being transported via the ropeway. Its unique design, durable & robust construction and the best O&M practices have made this plant amongst the most successful ones of its type across decades.

Technical Specifications:

Details of Plant: It is a bi-cable, detachable, bottom opening bucketing feed by Rotary Distribution System.

Capacity of the Plant: 300 TPH

Length: 9.8 Km

No. of Buckets: 260 Nos.

Bucket Capacity: 1.6Mt.

Speed: 4M/Sec

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